I am a freelance illustrator and elementary art teacher. I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in Illustration (B.S.) in 2012 and a Masters of Science in Education and Learning with an endorsement and license in Art Education in 2021.  After working with a corporation for over 4 years as a Marketing and Design Coordinator, I began teaching art to elementary students. My drive in teaching has been to enable elementary level students with the building blocks of art and visual communication. Through the practice of art, my goal is to instill students with a sense of agency over their lives as they develop skills in communication, problem solving, and identity.

In my illustration work, I enjoy creating images that merge imagination with telling a story. In particular, images that show oddities; beauty in details; and act as a collection of things I notice in the world and want to share with others. I strive to create a mood to each image that is both an escape and a calling out of all the amazing things in our world.

The rest of my time is spent reading, sipping tea, and enjoying time with my husband and cats Sherlock and Watson.

BESS A. De La Cruz