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The Earth Giants

Art, Illustration, Concept, Design, Outline, Earth, Giant, Earth Giant, Character, Graphic, Story

The Earth Giant is essentially a fluke in the system of the planet. Their life span is usually no longer than a couple of hours and is more commonly only a matter of a few minutes. They are made up of the earth itself and only appear in remote areas. Little is known about their anatomy apart from the fact that their energy is derived straight from their point of contact with the earth. Between their elusive locations and their short life spans, they are rarely seen.

They are considered a fluke for a couple reasons. First, they are very haphazardly formed and tend to crumble. Their intensified rate of erosion lends to their extremely short life spans. Second, is that no one can determine why they appear. There are many theories being generated today. One popular theory is that they only appear around areas of great tectonic plate friction. Others believe that they are created by the earth at tumultuous times. Another theory suggests that these giants appear for a length of time to complete a task that the earth needs. This could refer to moving some earth from one location to another, creating waterways, or as some more pessimistic viewers believe, causing mudslides and other disasters of the sort.

Very few people in the world have ever seen them and those who have believe them to be peaceful.