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Artfully Fun Quarantine: Drawn Easter Egg Ideas

Hey everyone! I must admit that I didn't think much about egg decorating as an art form until just a few years ago. When I actually did some research on Easter eggs and decorated eggs around the world, I was blown away. It really is a craft in itself and the results are stunning! Here are just a few examples pulled from the web, but if you have time, I would highly suggest doing a google images search or two for egg decorating around the world.

These eggs are from places such as Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ukraine, U.S.A....

I created a couple of my own drawn eggs and decoration ideas this week. If you're wanting to decorate eggs but either don't have things to decorate real eggs or want to make something to hang on your walls this weekend (and beyond) check out the videos I made below for some ideas for drawing eggs at home. I've attached an already drawn egg to use or stencil, but would also suggest challenging yourself to draw your own too. I've walked through some basics of drawing an egg form in the first video.

The first video is for more traditional materials you may have around your home. Even creating a decorated egg just with pencil or pen or a single color, can be really beautiful. After you create your design, if you do have some coloring materials, coloring it in can be very relaxing; like your very own coloring page of your own design.

Remember to think about things like line, shape, and pattern. Even consider illustrating a unique story or memory on your egg. The second video has some ideas if you have some watercolor or paint around and maybe even some masking tape. Below each video I have the materials I used listed and some ideas of other materials that might be around your home. Above all, get creative and have fun!

Materials from video 1:

White printer paper, pencil, pen, and colored pencil

Other ideas include:

-crayon -marker -watercolor/paint -oil pastels -cut/torn colored paper or magazine/old mail pieces to glue down -uncooked noodles or beans to glue on -chalk

For paper to draw on:

-paper shopping bag -printer paper -colored paper -old mail/envelopes -cardboard

-paper plates

Materials from video 2:

White printer paper, pencil, watercolor, pen, salt and painters tape

In this video I used painters tape to make a masking affect. With the first egg, I used it to protect my edges a bit from watercolor spilling out the sides, but it's not particularly necessary. I also added some salt into my wet paint to create a neat chemical reaction which gives the egg a bit of a different texture. After the egg dried, I brushed away the salt and carefully peeled off the tape.

With the second egg, I used the tape to mask out some forms inside my egg that the water wouldn't touch. Then did watercolor over the entire egg. After it was dry, I very carefully peeled off the pieces of tape which left clean white shapes. I decided not to add any further decorations, but you could of course!

Other ideas include:

-Regular masking tape will also work if you don't have any painters tape. Any tape will essentially, but it depends on the strength of the stick. If it's going to tear whatever material you're drawing on, it won't work so well.

-Watercolor crayon resist. Use a white crayon (if using white paper) and decorate your egg. You can check your design by holding it by a window so the light catches the waxy lines. Then gently paint watercolor all over your egg. The lines made in crayon will resist the water based paint and show your drawing which seems to magically appear as you paint. You can also do this on other materials and try other colors of crayon for a mixed media effect of crayon and watercolor together.

-Experiment with any other types of paint you have around the house.

Thanks for reading and if you have some of your own eggs you decorated to share, feel free to post them in the comments below. I'd love to see what you create!

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