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Artfully Fun Quarantine: Earth Day, Art History, and Claude Monet

This Earth Day, I want to introduce you to an artist who loved nature. Claude Monet. Many of you have heard of this very famous artist before. Monet was an Impressionist artist and also loved to paint things in nature; including his own beautiful garden.

Below are some videos I've collected together that cover what an Impressionist artist is and does; who Claude Monet was; Claude Monet's beautiful garden; and some activities you could try at home not just for today, but any day!

What is an Impressionist artist?

I want to learn more about Claude Monet!

I want to see Claude Monet's Garden:

Art Activities:

For my students reading this blog, below are some videos that could be some great activities to try at home and experiment with the Impressionist style.

My other viewers:

Pssst...Even though these videos say elementary and for kids, these are still great activities if you're just beginning the art making process or if you already have experience but want something new or relaxing to do.

*Remember, if you don't have some of the materials in the activity videos, that's okay! Just use what you have. Remember, think like an artist! We artists use what we have, find solutions, and make things work!

My final piece from my video above:

Have fun creating and if you choose to do an Impressionist style artwork, please feel free to share what you create in the comments below.

My students: Remember, if you choose to do one of these activities, you can also take a photo and send it to me on Remind or our Google Classroom.


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