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Artfully Fun Quarantine: My Virtual Art Classroom

This past week I had some time to create my own virtual classroom space, complete with Bitmoji 'me' for my students. This space is packed full of links featuring resources, activities, videos and more. Whether you're a student (hi!) or just looking for some art resources, please take a moment to explore. There are links to things such as current artist sites for inspiration, drawing apps, or art ideas you can create at home.

Some things in the room will change occasionally such as the art activity of the week and the current artists collection. The current artist collection may at times have one specific artist to check out or may be a site that has many current artists to look at.

Click around on different details in the room. You may be surprised what things have an activity or video from some great artists and other art teachers linked to them. Example: Check out the pillows on the floor that have a Mandala design on them...

Ms. Yontz's Art Classroom

(note: clicking the image below will take you to the classroom)

You can also click here to visit the art room.

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. This is an active classroom. Activities and links may change from time to time.

This resource is also available on the blog page of my website, under student/at home resources: https://www.bessyontz.com/blog


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