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Artfully Fun Quarantine: Whimsical Potted Plant Drawing

Hey again everyone!

One of the best things about creating artwork is how it can improve the atmosphere and change our perspective. During this tough time you may have noticed what many of us turn to. We cook, watch movies/tv/videos, play games, look at visuals online, read, listen to music, make music, do artwork, and start making things. The arts are things that we culturally create all around the world that have seen humanity through every time in history, good or bad.

So today, let's make something! If not this activity, another one that suits your fancy.

In this post, I have a step by step, whimsical potted plant drawing.

Whimsical - playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way.

This means, don't worry about your potted plant being perfect. Don't worry about perfect circles or perfectly straight lines. Let the little mistakes and differences in your drawing add to it's whimsical character.

Creating some cheerful plants not only helps brighten up our home walls, but also reminds us that spring is just around the corner. Below is a video showing the steps and some alternative materials to give you some options to find around your home.

The art element to focus on in this activity is texture. Using an actual textured background is one way to easily create real texture. Often times, artists use another type of texture, called implied texture. This texture is not one you can necessarily touch or feel. Instead, this texture is created using lines, shapes, pattern, and color. By creating implied texture, artists make an artwork look like it would feel like something if you could reach inside the picture and touch it. For example, water in a painting actually looking wet, or rocks looking rough.

Try using real and implied texture in your drawing today.

Don't forget to add some lines, shapes and patterns in your plant and flower pot.

Here are some material ideas for your drawing:


-Paper grocery bag - In the video, I'm using paper cut from a brown paper grocery bag which is not only nice for color, but texture also. No scissors? Just rip some big pieces to draw on. Having ripped edges is a great way to have some real texture added to your drawing.

-White computer paper or any other colored paper.

-Old envelopes

-Old mail or letters - Drawing on no longer needed letters is not only a nice way to "recycle" some paper, but can create a pretty awesome look to your work to have a fun, whimsical plant drawn over printed words.


Drawing Materials:


-Colored pencils - This is what I use in the video, mainly because I don't currently have crayons at home.



-Markers - These can be tricky texture wise without some practice. But don't count these out! Experiment with creating implied texture.

-Watercolor or paint

And remember, this is a whimsical, colorful potted plant to cheer up your home! Don't worry about it being perfect, just let loose and make it fun. Make one, two, three or a whole collection. Maybe you can even find a great way to display them around the house. If you're one of my students or a child at home, just be sure to ask your parent before using things like pieces of mail and where you can hang your artwork at.

Have fun and thanks for following!

Psst...Want another idea for creating some real texture? In the image below, I outlined my plant drawing with glue first. The glue dries clear, but leaves the bumpy outline. Then you can fill in the spaces with color, shape, and pattern.


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