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Home Chalkboard Art

Hey everyone! This post is really just to share with you a little piece of personal artwork I just did yesterday to take a break from all the insane amounts of masters papers I'm otherwise busy writing. In our house, we have this beautiful chalkboard a family member made for me. I regularly try to change it out with drawings that incorporate a space for a quote, our shopping list, and our family word of the year. Plus, it gives me a fun space to draw with a different medium than I usually do and just have fun with it. This year I've had no time to update it and it has been sitting blank all year! So, with a little bit of extra time due to being stuck at home, I was able to draw on it again finally. Yay!

Below are a couple images of the finished board and a video that shows part of my work process about halfway through up to just before I added the quote. Enjoy and thanks for following!



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