• Bess Yontz

Inktober Drawings: Part 1 - Day 1-15

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

This year I worked to take on Inktober each day. I made it except for one week, which I had to do later. If you're not familiar with Inktober, here is the website and details:


Below are my drawings for days 1-15. I love Halloween, so I tried to keep my drawings mostly Halloween-themed and it really kept the whole Halloween mood for all of the month of Inktober. Days 16-31 will be coming soon!

DAY 1: Fish

DAY 2: Wisp

DAY 3: Bulky

DAY 4: Radio

DAY 5: Blade

DAY 6: Rodent

DAY 7: Fancy

DAY 8: Teeth

DAY 9: Throw

DAY 10: Hope

DAY 11: Disgusting

DAY 12: Slippery

DAY 13: Dune

DAY 14: Armor

DAY 15: Outpost


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