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Let's Get Zen With It

Covid-19 and other things have been changing up the world around us. It has been challenging for me to focus on, well, anything. Not to mention that I'm also still working to complete my masters program, have my fiance's kids now living with us (which has been challenging but also very fun), and I am also wondering what will be happening with my classroom for teaching art in the fall.

It has been extremely important for me to schedule my day and plan for not only work time for my few little client projects I have going on, but also for creating personal artwork to calm me down. Several months ago on a flight to Kathmandu, Nepal, I began creating some small creatures with hands together in the Namaste salutation. The first two creatures were very much so based on a game I had recently started playing called "Concrete Genie". If you haven't heard of it and you have some time, check it out. It has some excellent artwork and a great story line.

The creatures were drawn on simple tags I had along for the trip. I had been asked to draw and write a message on a few of the tags for the wedding we were attending there. When we got back from the trip, I realized I had plenty of tags left over and had really enjoyed drawing on them. So, I'm continuing these creatures on the tags.

Whenever I have been feeling overwhelmed or stressed I have been creating another of these creatures. I have to say, they really do make me feel better to look at every time!

Here are three of the most recent Namaste creatures. I will continue to post groupings as I complete them. Hopefully they help you find a smile and some calm as well!

Thanks for viewing! Questions and comments welcome below!


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