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Quarantine for St. Patrick's Day? Make It Artfully Fun!

Well, like many teachers, students, and kids around the U.S., our school buildings are closed for at least a couple weeks. It can be hard to find things to do with those kiddos during this time. You love your kids and want them to continue learning. Because, well, having passion and experiences is what makes us human and makes life great!

Starting today, I'm going to be posting some "Artfully Fun" ideas you can do to have an arts education influence still in your home! Some will be just quick little ideas; like today's idea. Some may be a little more material robust. (I'm currently working on my masters and that massive amount of paper writing has certainly not slowed down with this virus! So balancing time is key!)

St. Patrick's Day Artfully Fun Activity: Watch the animated film, "The Secret of the Kells"

Watch "The Secret of the Kells". This is a beautifully animated film! Just watching it is sure to get those visual gears turning. However, you can also easily turn it into a mini-art class afterwords. Ask your kids a few questions afterwords and have a discussion. Or freeze a frame of the film and have the kiddos practice drawing it. Even ask your kids to do a drawing of their own in a similar style based on what they saw in the film.

Need some discussion question ideas? Thinking about and discussing art is a great way to build critical thinking and observational skills in your child.

Question ideas:

1) What do you think the meaning of the story was?

2) The movie uses the art element of line all throughout the film, what sort of lines did you see? (zigzag, wavy, straight, curly, etc. You could freeze scenes of the movie to have your kids point out all the different types of lines they see).

3) The animators changed the colors for particular moods and moments in the film. What colors did you notice when everything was calm and at peace? What colors did you notice when there was danger?

Link to the film -- https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_secret_of_kells


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